Patient meeting for Finnish heart patients

On March 30th 2019 the Finnish Association for Heart Children and Adults arranged a seminar in Helsinki, Finland, together with Karpatiat (Association for Cardiomyopathy patients) and SYKE (Association for Heart and Lung Transplanted Patients). ERN (European Reference Network, GUARD-Heart) supported the free-of-charge seminar financially. The seminar was focused on cardiomyopathy and inherited rhythm disorder patients, their families and all who were interested in these topics. There were about 40 participants from all over the country, also some health care professionals.

Docent, adult cardiologist Tiina Heliö gave a lecture on cardiomyopathies and MD, pediatric cardiologist Anita Hiippala on inherited arrhythmias. The special features of both disease groups, the diagnoses and treatment were addressed. There was a lively discussion after both lectures and enough time to ask questions, of which the participants gave positive written feedback. Heart physiotherapist Heli Koskinen gave advice on how to exercise safely with heart disease. Socialpsychologist Kati Kärkkäinen lead a panel discussion where three panel members shared their experience and patient support.

This was the first national public event in Finland which all three national member associations of the Finnish Heart Association organized together. The seminar day was a successful beginning for co-work.

Here you can find an article about the patient meeting (in Finnish).