ERN GUARD-Heart Webinars for experts

This summer we started a series of educational webinars on all different thematic areas within our ERN for healthcare professionals. Each month, there will be a live webinar via ZOOM, where 2 cases will be discussed by the presenting expert and thereafter all participants will be encouraged to ask questions and to discuss the cases. Each webinar will cover one specific thematic area, and will take no more than 45 minutes. All webinars will be recorded, and will be made available on the website, and on our YouTube channel. You can find the recordings here.

Hereby we would like to ask you, to collect names and e-mail addresses of all your colleagues (cardiologists / geneticists / fellows/ etc. ) who might be interested to join the Webinars, including yourself! All who are interested can subscribe themselves via the following link: Once on this list, you will receive information about the topics, dates and how to register.

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