Bordeaux, France, March 9th 2019

Open to public, families and associations

Annual day of Cardiogen National Health Network

This year, for the first time, this day took place at the University Hospital Lyric Pessac in the Bordeaux region. It brought together 135 people: patients and their families, caregivers, cardiologists, geneticists, insurers, psychologists, clinical research associates and associations.

The morning was reserved for interventions of health professionals (cardiologists, geneticists …) including various presentations of inherited cardiac pathologies as well as diagnosis, prevention and treatments of these diseases.

Each session ended with a time of exchanges between patients and doctors.

The afternoon was organized in small groups of patients according to various interactive workshops, such as first aid training.

This day met with a great success; very positive feedbacks emerged from patients and their families, associations and health professionals.

The Cardiogen National Health Network wishes to thank all the participants, speakers for this day, and the Bordeaux team for the organization of this event. We also would like to thank ERN Guard-Heart for their contribution in the organization of the meeting.

More information:

  • The programm of this day can be found here.
  • You can find recordings of the sessions and some interviews with patient associations here.