Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

The Erasmus MC in Rotterdam is one of the leading academic centers in Europe and the largest academic center in the Netherlands. The medical center includes the Sophia Children’s hospital and also hosts the medical faculty of the Erasmus University.

At Erasmus MC we work on top-clinical care for patients with complex, rare diseases and acute needs, using multidisciplinary care and treatment. We are committed to achieving a healthy population and pursuing excellence in healthcare through research and teaching. We do this through our core values; responsibility, connecting and enterprising. Erasmus MC recently renewed her strategy, called Strategy 23, in which Technology & Dedication are the two guiding principles at the core of our goals, focusing on maximal societal impact as an academic powerhouse. Through this strategy Erasmus MC shapes, leads and facilitates a combination of regional, national and international partnerships. The Erasmus MC has marked several areas for centralization of care, resulting in the Erasmus MC Cancer Institute, Transplant Institute and Cardiovascular Institute.

Many of the specific cardiac expertise centers are embedded within the Erasmus MC Cardiovascular Institute. The Erasmus MC hosts many acknowledged expertise centers in which multiple specialties, including cardiologists, pediatric cardiologists, geneticist, radiologists, pathologists and others come together for regular multidisciplinary clinical meetings and research meetings. We have a leading role in both international and national research projects, including many national consortia, the leading national registries (e.g. CONCOR, TITRATE-HF, the national cardiomyopathy registry) and many leading international trials for cardiac interventions, heart failure, congenital heart disease and cardiomyopathies. Many of our colleagues are actively involved in the generation and improving of national and international guidelines.

The Congenital Heart Disease Center is renowned for its >40 year unique multidisciplinary national expertise in pediatric advanced heart failure care, congenital cardiac abnormalities and arrhythmias, and continuity of care from pediatric to adult cardiology. As the biggest national congenital heart disease center, the congenital heart disease team is at the forefront of all new and innovative care for this interesting patient population. The team can be reached at

The  Erasmus MC Center for inherited cardiovascular disease is known for its international expertise in multiple forms of inherited pediatric and adult cardiomyopathies and its leading role in many of the current international groundbreaking cardiomyopathy trials. With the advances in genetic diagnoses and targeted therapies, cardiomyopathy care will most likely be a continuously changing and improving field, in which the Erasmus MC will maintain its leading position. The team can be reached at

Prof. Jolien Roos-Hesselink