Lottis Katarina Charlotte Hörting 

Lottis Katarina Charlotte Hörting 

Lottis is, due to the HOCM diagnosis, a retired physiotherapist with experience from a broad area within the profession, but with most experience in children’shabilitation and neurology. During university studies, Lottis was one of the initiators of the student organization for physiotherapists within their professional union and has also had a chair position for the field of medical studies, in the national organization for university students, SFS.

Roles in the Organization
Chair of the HCM SS board.
Lottis Hörting is the initiator of the Swedish HCM society.

Roles in the European Patient Advocacy Group
Second contact person. Back up and stand in.

Goal to achieve by being an ePAG

Strengthening the patient organizations addressing cardiac diseases in Europe