Luxembourg: Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg

Dr. Kerstin Wagner studied medicine at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich, Germany from 1985 to 1990, graduating magna cum laude in 1992.

Specialisation in Pediatrics at the Dr. Von Haunersche Universitätskinderklinik, Munich until 1994.

Five years training in Pediatric Cardiology and Fetal Cardiology at the University Hospital of Pittsburgh in the USA.

Since 2000 she has worked as a consultant in Pediatric and Fetal Cardiology at the CHL-Kannerklinik. Her main activity is the follow-up of congenital heart diseases from childhood to adulthood in close collaboration with European university centres as well as congenital cardiopathies antenatal diagnosis.

During her stay in the United States, she obtained a fellowship from the American Heart Association, published several articles and gave presentations at international congresses. She was elected Fellow of the Association of European Pediatric Cardiology.

She has been a member of the CHL Medical Board for several years and is currently Treasurer of the Luxembourg Pediatric Association. She is a member of the Luxembourg Association of Cardiology and a founding member of the Luxembourg Association for the Help of Children with Heart Diseases.

She has been in charge of the “paediatric cardiology” classes at the Technical High School for Health Professions in Luxembourg since 2009.

Kerstin Wagner