Carmen Balan

Carmen Balan

Second contact person: Radu Balan

I am co-founder of the CardioGen Patients Association in Romania – reason why: my husband is one of the genetic cardiac disease patients and the law in Romania states that there should be at least 3 people to found an association. So, I am one of the founders together with Radu and another patient.

My activities involve everything so far, since we are only the 3 of us: organising patient meetings with doctors, getting funds for helping patients with genetic tests, facilitating the patients to get in contact with the right doctors etc.

About my education: I have a bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering and a Master in Embedded Systems and I currently work as an Operations Manager in a Norwegian software company.

The goal of the ePAG is to learn what the other ePAGs are doing and get ideas we can implement for our own ePAG, where applicable. Get information from other countries that can be useful for our own patients: awareness programs, info for their diseases etc.

Our second contact person is Radu Balan, HCM patient.