Lorraine McGlinchey

Lorraine McGlinchey

I am a voluntary member of The Irish Heart Foundation support groups including a committee member of the Long QT and other Channelopathies support Group, member of the SADS support group and a representative on the SCD Taskforce Council. I joined the Foundation due to the multiple sudden deaths in my family including my sister and her son.  Due to genetic testing, we know there is a family link to Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia (CPVT).

I am a surgical nurse and a lecturer in Adult Nursing.  I have completed a MSc in Nursing with an emphasis on inherited cardiac arrhythmias and SADS.  I am now in the final stages of my PhD looking at knowledge of inherited cardiac arrhythmias and non-cardiac surgery.  I am a passionate patient advocate and aim to improve the narrative and landscape for people with arrhythmias and families who have a history of SADS.

Role in the Irish Heart Foundation
Volunteer member

Role in the European Patient Advocacy Group
ePAG Member since 2023

Goal to achieve by being an ePAG
My goal is to ensure that people with inherited cardiac arrhythmias have a voice, that they feel supported in their day-to-day life and have access to the correct information, care and treatment according to their condition.  My aim is also to continue to conduct research in this area.

Contact: lorraine.mcglinchey@hotmail.com