The Webinar series for rare or low prevalance cardiovascular diseases

In the summer of 2022 we started a series of educational webinars on all different thematic areas within our ERN for healthcare professionals. Each month, there will be a live webinar via ZOOM, where 2 cases will be discussed by the presenting expert and thereafter all participants will be encouraged to ask questions and to discuss the cases. Each webinar will cover one specific thematic area, and will take no more than 45 minutes. All webinars will be recorded, and will be soon available here on the website, and on our YouTube channel.

Hereby we would like to ask you, to collect names and e-mail addresses of all your colleagues (cardiologists / geneticists / fellows / etc.) who might be interested to join the Webinars. All who are interested can subscribe themselves via the following link: Once on this list, you will receive information about the topics, dates and how to register.

13. Is this patient allowed to play his/her sports?

Wednesday October 22nd 2023, 17:00-18:30 CET
Speakers: Prof. Guido Claessen (Hasselt) & Dr. Harald Jorstad (Amsterdam)
Moderators: Prof. Arthur Wilde (Amsterdam)  & Ingmar Knobbe (Amsterdam)
Register via AEPC-website:

11. Rare cardiomyopathies in children

Wednesday September 13th 2023, 17:00-18:30 CET
Speakers: Prof. Giuseppe Limongelli & Dr. Cordula Wolf
Moderator: Prof. Georgia Sarquella-Brugada
Register via AEPC-website:

12.  2023 ESC guidelines for the management of cardiomyopathies

Wednesday October 25th 2023
Speakers: Dr. E. Arbelo & Prof. J.P. Kaski
Moderator: Dr. J.R. Gimeno
Flyer October

9. Adults with transposition of the great arteries

Wednesday May 31st 2023
Speakers: Dr. A.E. van den Bosch and Dr. M. Driessen
Flyer May

10. Cardiac amyloidosis

Wednesday June 28th 2023
Speakers: Dr. S. Oghina & Prof. T. Damy
Flyer June

7. The clinical context of nuclear protein defects in DCM

Wednesday March 29th 2023
Presented by: Prof. E. Arbustini
Speakers: Dr. L. Giuliani and Dr. A. Di Torro
Flyer March

8. Does this patient have Brugada syndrome?

Wednesday April 26th 2023
Speaker: Prof. Dr. A.A.M. Wilde
Flyer April

5. Complex cases of Sudden Cardiac Death and inherited arrhythmias – What do the guidelines say?

Wednesday December 21st 2022
Presented by: Dr. E. Arbelo and Prof. J. Tfelt-Hansen
Speakers: Prof. J. Saenen and Dr. G. Sarquella-Brugada
Flyer December

6. Paediatric arrhythmia emergencies

Wednesday January 25th 2023
Presented by: Dr. G. Sarquella-Brugada
Speakers: Prof. J. Janoušek and Dr. T. Tavačová
Flyer January

3. How to interpret a genetics finding after Sudden Cardiac Death

Wednesday October 26th 2022
Presented by: I. Rudaka (Riga) and Prof. A.A.M. Wilde (Amsterdam)
Flyer October

4. Rare Inflammatory Cardiomyopathies

Wednesday November 30th 2022
Presented by: Prof. A. Caforio and Prof. R. Marcolongo
Speaker: Dr. A. Baritussio (Padova)
Flyer November

 1. Workup of a young Sudden Cardiac Arrest case and how to interpret RyR2 variants

Wednesday July 27th 2022
Presented by: Prof. A.A.M. Wilde (Amsterdam)
Flyer July

2. Role of genetics or ICD decision in Dilated Cardiomyopathy

Wednesday September 28th 2022
Presented by: Prof. J. Tfelt-Hansen (Copenhagen) and Prof. K. Wahbi (Paris)
Flyer September