5 years evaluation process of the ERN’s

An important activity for the upcoming months is the 5 years evaluation process of the ERN. This has officially started following the signature of the contract with the independent evaluation body on 9 November 2022. All HCP’s which were included from the beginning (March 2017) will be evaluated (21 HCP’s in ERN GUARD-Heart).

The Independent Evaluation Body (IEB) is the consortium IDOM/ACSA. On 12 December 2022 the self-assessment tool and the guide to the evaluation platform will be made available.

The evaluation calendar is demanding and for orientation you may wish to note that future steps will include:

  • the self-assessment of clinical units and of the ERNs (to be completed by 30 January 2023);
  • on-site audits to a sample of clinical units (expected to take place from March to May 2023);
  • ERNs and HCPs draft evaluation reports prepared by the IEB (ERNs and HCPs will be asked to provide comments, if any (from April to June 2023).

To prepare the following documents are available: