Project Management Office

The Project Management Office of ERN GUARD-HEART is located in the coordinator centre of the Network (Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, the Netherlands). The Office coordinates the activities of the Network and the communication between Network members, European Commission, other ERNs and stakeholders. It also supports the Network in administrative tasks, organisation of meetings, designing and updating of the Network website, and creation and dissemination of the Newsletter. 

Arthur A.M. Wilde (MD, PhD) is professor in Cardiology, Head of  the Department of Cardiology of the Academic Medical Center, and the Coordinator of ERN GUARD-HEART.

Nynke Hofman (PhD, MSc) is a researcher at the Academic Medical Center and the Research Manager of ERN GUARD-HEART.

Ahmad S. Amin (MD, PhD)  is a cardiologist at the Academic Medical Center and the Project Manager of ERN GUARD-HEART.