Kristýna Čillíková

Vice Chair CAKO

I graduated as a nurse but went on to university where I passed the state exam in pedagogy and psychology. I completed a five-year training in cognitive-behavioral therapy and worked briefly as a psychotherapist.

Since 2003 I have been working as a professional journalist in magazines and newspapers for doctors (for example Medical Tribune CZ), my specialty is cardiology. As a person (non-patient) who is close to healthcare and cardiology and at the same time was in the field of communication, I was invited by a group of cardiologists in 2014 to help found a patient organization. This was successful and together with our patient colleagues we are developing our activities. In 2023 I was re-elected as a vice-chair for a five-year term. My main activities in the patient organization are developing and leading projects and educational campaigns, communicating with doctors, fundraising and international cooperation.