ERN GUARD-Heart ePAG podcast
ERN GUARD-Heart ePAG podcast
ePAG Podcast 5: Katja Laine and Stefan Bassant

In March 2024 ERN GUARDHEART started with a podcast series in which all ePags or patient representatives are requested to participate. The idea is that in each recording, we are interviewing two representatives as a duo.

We’ll be talking about on how the representatives involved in the network board, we are sharing relevant information on how they’ve engaged, struggles and good things too, to be effective on the role, being thought provoking, and finally; what to expect of their Network and their role. Some have just been appointed, others for quite some time.

ePAG Podcast episode 5: Katja Laine (Finnish Association for Heart Children and Adults) and Stefan Bassant (LMNA Cardiac)