Hart4Onderzoek (H4O)

From left: Brenda Alsemgeest, Patricia Vlasman, Dayenne Zwaagman

Non-profit foundation “Hart4Onderzoek” (English: Heart4Research) is the first platform of patient representatives in the Netherlands that aims to bridge the gap between patients with rare (genetic or congenital) heart diseases and (international) scientific researchers.

The board of “Hart4Onderzoek” consists of 3 patient advocates: Patricia Vlasman (chair), Dayenne Zwaagman (secretary) and Brenda Alsemgeest (treasurer). Patricia Vlasman (1971, novelist) has been born with a hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, and represents patients with familial cardiomyopathies. Dayenne Zwaagman (1982, communication specialist) is a Fontan patient and an experience expert in congenital heart diseases. Brenda Alsemgeest (1980, legal advisor) suffers from the Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome and sinus arrest. She is the spokeswoman for patients with familial electrical diseases.

“Hart4Onderzoek” is the only patient driven charity to raise (crowd)funding for scientific research in genetic and congenital heart diseases in adults and adolescents. The focus of “Hart4Onderzoek” lies on research proposals and ideas of young investigators and small-scale research projects. Patients and researchers cooperate in innovative medical science projects and to improve the quality of life of patients with genetic and congenital heart diseases. The board of “Hart4Onderzoek” also provides educational services and lectures for cardiologists and other healthcare professionals in the field of cardiovascular diseases.

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