Harteraad aims at high quality heart care for all

Inge Schalkers, contactperson for ERN GUARD-Heart

Harteraad, the national Dutch patients’ association, covers all cardiac and vascular diseases. We connect, empower en represent patients.

Side by side with healthcare professionals we fight for high quality care and quality of life for all patients with cardiac and vascular diseases.

Patients’ experience is very important for us: they have a different view on care than professionals, patients look at it from inside. They know what it is like to be ill, to receive care, and how it affects their lives.

We work in close co-operation with the Dutch Heart Foundation, a charity organization that raises funding for cardiovascular research, subsidizes research and plays an important role in providing information on cardiovascular diseases for patients and the general population. Together we stimulate interaction between patients and scientists to strengthen societal impact of cardiovascular research.

Harteraad’s first concern is that all patients, whether they have a rare or a common disease, have access to tailor made, high quality care. Contactperson for ERN GUARD-Heart is Inge Schalkers, policy advisor.

For more information about ‘Harteraad’ please visit our website.