Finnish Association for the Heart Children and Adults

Every year approximately 500 children are born with congenital heart defect in Finland. Out of 500, about 350 require surgical operation either immediately after birth or later during their lives. However, there are still certain congenital heart defects, which cannot be cured with either medical or surgical treatments.

The Finnish Association for Heart Children and Adults is a nationwide non-governmental organisation, which seeks to benefit and improve the lives of people with congenital heart defect (CHD), as well as the lives of the family members and close ones of people with CHD. The Association was established in 1975.

The central goal for the Association is to ensure the best possible scientific and surgical treatment for people with CHD. Today the association has 18 regional groups, all of which follow the same guiding principles for benefiting their members as the nationwide association does. In addition, the Finnish Association for Heart Children and Adults has 3 nationwide divisions – Synja group (a group for young people with and for adults with CHD), the Heart Angels’ group (a support group for those, who have lost their child due to CHD), and the Long QT group (a group for people with Long QT Syndrome.)

One of the main purposes of the Association is to work on behalf of people with CHD, their families and their close ones. The association also functions as a link between the patient group and the staff of health care sector. The Finnish Association for Heart Children and Adults is a member organisation of the Finnish Heart Association and has approximately 1 700 members at the moment.

The association organises rehabilitation and adaptation training courses, camps, nationwide events and meetings for heart children and their families as well as the young people and adults with CHD. The association attempts to function as a mouthpiece for the issues regarding people with CHD. It publicises its own member magazine 4 times per year, as well as information brochures, leaflets and other material. Furthermore, the association supports the scientific research and education of medical staff on the issues related to inborn heart defects. The association also arranges teaching for support persons.

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