Radu Balan

Radu Balan

My name is Radu BALAN , Romanian, married, currently living in Sibiu, 34 years old.

I have a bachelor degree in engineering forestry, and I have 10 year experience as a branch office manager in a company that produces roofs and industrial halls.

I’ve been diagnosed with non-obstructive HCM by chance, since I didn’t had any symptoms. Further investigations that I have accessed, showed that I have an inherited genetic heart disease, with MYBPC3 gene mutation.

Since in Romania there is no association for patients with genetic heart diseases, we accepted our doctor suggestions to start this project that will be a big help for lots of patients that have genetic heart diseases.

We just took our first steps in doing so, therefore we will need guidance in cooperating and bringing the best results for our members, so it’s a necessary and useful challenge that we look forward in accomplishing it.