September 6 and 18 2018: RD-Connect webinars

An invitation for ERN members to join RD-Connect, an international platform for rare disease data analysis and data sharing. Togerther with the ERN EURO-NMD, RD-Connect is organising a series of webinars aiming to train ERN members at all levels.
The first webinar is “Genomic analysis quick and easy: RC-Connect Genome-Phenome Analysis Platform” at Thursday September 6 2018, 15:00 CET. The second webinar is “Finding registries and biosamples in just a few clicks: RD-Connect Registry & Biobank Finder and Sample Catalogue” at Tuesday September 18 2018, 15:00 CET. The third webinar is “Linking up all those data: why should we make data FAIR”. See for more information.

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